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biancajade asked: Looks so great! We got so lucky :)

Thank you :D Yeah we did! Yours looks amazing too! I kind of wish my tip was a little bit like yours

Some days my nose looks amazing :)

(This was taken when it was 31 days post-op)


"I think you’ve still got lightning in you."

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) dir. Wes Anderson 

“The closer he looks at the child, the less he sees … The more he looks at it, there’s nothing there. He fears that the more you look at him the less you see. There isn’t anything there.” - John Hughes

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White Marble iPhone 5 case by Stampd

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Jordi Huisman - Rear Window (2010)


#it looks like joff is jammin to some 90’s rap but marg is more into grunge

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Tokujin Yoshioka's project 'snow' is a dynamic 15-meter-wide installation. It consists of a scene depicting hundreds of kilograms of light feathers blowing all over 
and falling down slowly is meant to remind us of the snow scape of our memories and the beauty of nature which often exceeds our imagination. visitors to the exhibition 
experience the feeling of looking at or walking through a snowstorm.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm the one that was terrified to tell friends and how they'll react but I just had my surgery today and for the girl who's asking about anaesthesia, well I was so anxious and nervous before the surgery, just try to stay calm and you won't even notice when you fall asleep. When I woke up it was like I was waking up from a dream. Now I have a terrible throat pain and when I try to drink it hurts and I'm so sensitive, crying for everything :( any advice?Btw the tip has to drop a little right?

Hey! Yeah the tip will drop, don’t worry :)

I didn’t have any throat pain at all, or maybe I did but the painkillers helped me from noticing. I usually eat marshmallows and drink something warm when my throat hurts, maybe try that?